After cooking for a family for a couple of decades you accumulate a lot of recipes and cookbooks.  I got into the habit of making notes in my cookbooks over the years to help keep track of what we liked, when we first tried a recipe and of course adaptations to recipes.  Its family history of a sort, telling a story of our family growing and changing over time.  Then there’s a recipe card file stuffed full family culinary history: old family recipes from my Mother and Grandmothers, recipes collected from friends, and others I’ve clipped over the years.  Many of them bring to mind memories and stories. The problem was that I would spend time searching for some elusive recipe I vaguely remembered “… it had chick peas, and … something…”.   WordPress has helped me pull it all together in this blog. The recipes posts are dated according to when I first made a particular recipe, beginning in 1989 well before WordPress was invented. Ain’t that cool?! When my boys get older and go off into the world, this will be a little bit of home they can access wherever they may roam.


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