George Lapointe’s Authentic Redwall Stew

A Chemo Crew recipe, 2014


Beef, cut small
Potatos (4-5 medium size)
Carrots – lots
Onion – 1 large

To dredge beef

3/4 cup flour
garlic granules, powder or crushed – to taste

red wine – 1 cup
beef stock or bullion
olive oil for browning beef


1) dredge beef in flour and spices, brown pieces
2) chop onions, potato, carrot, and parsley, put in cooking pot
3) add beef to pot
4) use leftover dredging flour to make gravy in browning pan, adding water and bullion
4) add to pot with red wine
5) cover with water as needed.
6) cook until beef and vegetables are tender (1-2 hours on low, 3-5 in a crockpot)
7) thicken as needed to desired consistency


redwall illustration
Image from “Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast” a blog about books

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