As written by Veronika Kotkova in 1994.  Veronika was one of Greg’s students when we spent a year teaching English in Prague in 1989-1990.  She visited us in Boston in 1994 and gave us this recipe.

Make a jiska (onions fried in oil) when they are almost gold add a little mouka and mix and add little bit of voda (no it’s not vodka!) and mix! mix! and mix! and let it boil.  Then add more voda (just a little bit) and put in it  pieces of brambory, mrkev, houby (or whatever you feel like have there) and let almost boil; again add sůl!  Then add voda again and put there česnek, kmín and majoránka and put there more sůl.  And then taste if and if you feel like it’s done and you like it, eat it.  Don’t forget petržel.

Dobro chuť !
Czech translations:

brambory – potato
česnek (cs he snec) – garlic
cibule – onion
houby – mushrooms
jiska (yeeshca) – onions fried in oil
kmín – caraway seeds
majoránka – marjoram
mouka – flour
mrkev – carrot
olej – oil
petržel – parsley
sůl – salt
voda – water


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